Kalenchuk Maria Leonidovna

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Deputy Director of the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute
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1978 — graduated from the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature, Moscow State pedagogical Institute n.a. V.I. Lenin;

1986 — Candidate of Philology; title of candidate thesis: “Realisation of consonants at the morphemic boundaries in the modern Russian literary language”;

1993 — Doctorate of Philology; title of doctoral thesis: “Orthoepy in the modern Russian literary language”;

2002 — Professor, Department of Russian Language, Faculty of Philology, Moscow State University;

2004 — head of the Department of Russian Language and Methods of its Teaching, Moscow State Pedagogical University;

2007 — Deputy Director, V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute.






Author of scholarly publications on the Russian phonetics, phonology, orthoepy.

The most recent notable works include:

1. Kalenchuk M. L., Kasatkina R. F., Kasatkin L. L. Bol'shoi orfoepicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyka. Literaturnoe proiznoshenie i udarenie nachala XXI veka. Norma i ee varianty [The big orthoepic dictionary of the Russian language. Literary pronunciation and stress at the early XX century. Norm and its variants]. Moscow, 2012.

2.  Kalenchuk M. L. Orfoepicheskie slovari russkogo iazyka: sovremennye podkhody i novye printsipy [The orthoepic dictionary of the Russian language: modern approaches and new principles]. Slavianskaia leksikografiia — The Slavonic Lexicography, Moscow, 2013, pp. 520-535.

3. Kalenchuk M. L. Ob orfoepicheskoi variantnosti [On the orthoepic variability]. Philological Sciences, 1991, no.3, pp. 49-56.

4. Kalenchuk M. L., Kasatkina R. F. Pobochnoe udarenie i ritmicheskaia struktura russkogo slova na slovesnom i frazovorm urovne [The second stress and rhythmical structure of the Russian words at the word and phrase level]. Voprosy Jazykoznanija, 1993, no. 4, pp. 99-106.

5. Kalenchuk M. L. Modern Tendencies in Standard Russian Sound System of the End of the XXth Century. Proceedings of the XIIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Stockholm, 1995, pp. 987-993.

6. Kalenchuk M. L, Kasatkina R. F. Trudnosti russkogo proiznosheniia: Slovar' [The Russian pronunciation difficulties. Dictionary]. Moscow, 1997.

7. Kalenchuk M. L. On the Stability of the Orphoepic Custom. Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, San-Francisco, 1999, pp. 352-360.

8. Kalenchuk M. L., Kasatkina R. F. Osobennosti zvukovogo oformleniia russkikh pristavok [The sound patterns of the Russian prefixes]. Russian Linguistics, 1999, no. 23, pp. 127-135.